Digital printing has taken on several meanings over recent years. The most common usage is printing directly from a file to a black and white or colour copier. It can also mean printing directly to a printing press from the digital file. At Gullons Printing digital is direct copying to a copier. The pros and cons are:


  • Technology yields wonderful quality on a wide variety of papers.
  • The first copy, or proof, is exactly what you can expect to see as finished product. Digital prints are inexpensive, changeable and have no up front proofing costs.
  • Instant turnaround. Our copiers will print roughly 50 copies a minute depending upon colour and sheet size. No drying time - ready to trim, fold etc, right off the "Press".
  • Great value, flexible, quantities, virtually no set up costs. Excellent for short run, expense controlled production.
  • State of the art - will handle paper weights from copier paper to a heavy card stock with one or two side print. Various stocks, labels, NCR, can be printed on a sheet size up to 12.5" x 19". Speed and economy combine with excellent quality to yield exactly what you need.


  • For digital print files print as 4 colour process output, CMYK. If you are trying to match a specific PMS, (pantone matching system) colour it may not be accurate. Such work may need to be offset printed.
  • Some papers such as linen or laid surfaces or vellum finishes will not reproduce the print as consistently or smoothly as desired. Again, offset printing may be required.

Digital Printing