Our staff can work with you to design a simple business card or flier through to a multi-page, full colour magazine. If you know what you want to say we can help you best present it. If you would like to provide completed artwork for print, please take note of the following checklist to ensure you are providing high quality graphics.

Does the file have final crop marks?

Crop marks are "marks" designed into the artwork which show the final trim size and position. Without accurate crop marks your finished product may be inconsistent.

Does the file bleed?

A bleed refers to finished product that have any content, text, photos, images, that are printed to the edge of the sheet without white borders. Bleeds are created by increasing your image area by 1/8'' (.125) on all your graphics. For example, a normal finished business card has a size of 3 1/2'' x 2''. Bleed artwork would be set up as 3 3/4'' by 2 1/4'' with crops marks defining the finished cut size. Avoid placing important content right to the edge of the image unless your purposely want it to bleed or be trimmed off (see image on right).

Image resolution?

Resolution for photos and graphics should be set to 300 dpi. Lower resolution graphics, such as internet art, are typically 72 or 96 dpi and will print poorly.

Clean typesetting?

Avoid setting type in photoshop - it will usually reproduce bitmapped or choppy. Create your text in a programme such as Quark, Indesign, Illustrator, etc. and import your photo or graphics into one of those programmes.

Submission formats?

Given the wide range of programs and versions of software in the market we recommend that you submit files as high resolution PDF (portable document format). With the installation of a PDF driver, most files can be saved reliably for printing.

File sizes?

There are no restrictions on the size of file you can send us, however files sent to us via email or through this website must be less than 10MB. If your file is larger than 10MB, you may want to compress the data before emailing (if possible) or post your file to our FTP site.

Printer Marks