The selection of paper is one of your fundamental choices when considering your print job. Depending upon the image, the overall coverage and the colours the paper selected will determine how sharp or effective your finished print is. The following is a summary of the most common paper categories available.


Best described as your basic stock or "photocopy" paper. Commonly used for price lists, reports, business forms where costs and functionality over rule the image or look. Weights range from 20 to 32lb., with 20 lb being the lightest. As you increase your weight the sheet has more body and reduces see through from side to side. Readily available in white and soft pastel colours.


Commonly used for letterhead with a much wider range of colours options and finishes ranging from smooth to linen finishes or a highly textured laid surface. Writing papers are 24 lb and can be matched in colour and finish to envelopes and business cards.

Text Stocks:

A continuation of the writing line up with weights ranging form 24lb to 32 lb again with a wide rage of colours and finishes. Favoured by designers to marry image colours to paper colour and textures. Text stocks can be used to add substance and body as you move up in weight.

Book Offset papers:

Offset papers are typically better quality versions of bond papers. Surface finishes are whiter and smoother than bond papers with weights ranging from 24 lb to 36 lb. Excellent for increased opacity and minimal see through especially in the higher weights. Work wells for either black and white or colour reproduction.

Coated Papers:

Coated papers are as they sound. An additional glossy or matte (subdued gloss) finish is applied which is excellent to pick up photos or colour reproduction with a stronger impact. Weights will range from 24 lb to 32 lb with matching cover stock available. Great for digital output or higher end presentations or reproduction.

Cover Stocks:

Cover stocks are essentially heavier versions of text or book papers and come in either flat or glossy finishes. Typically used for business cards and book covers there are again a wide range of colours and finishes. Weights will run from 65 lb cover to 130 lb double thick cover. For gloss covers weights are specifed by point or mill with, 8, 10, 12, 14, or 16 point available in most stocks. To give this a reference for you most business cards are 12 pt although customer choices are trending towards heavier weights.

NCR Paper:

NCR means Non Carbon Reproduction and is always produced as a 2, 3, 4, 5, or more part form where writing is done on the first page and is reproduced on all the adjoining sheets. Used primarily for invoices, work orders etc. where multiple copies of the same sheet are required.

Label Stocks:

As they sound, available in a flat or matte surface, a semi gloss, or high gloss finish. Most label stock comes with a crack n peel back which is peeled off to expose the adhesive backing. Commonly used for shipping labels, bag labels, anything that must be adhered. Block out label stock, preprinted grey on backside, can also be used to hide images or print beneath it. Label stock is available as either permananet or removeable with some coloured stocks available.

Paper Stock